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Midwest Company was founded in the summer of 1993 under the name of Midwest Textile H.K. Ltd., as a sister company to our main offices in the United States, Midwest Textile Company. Midwest Hong Kong was originally established as a Trading Company exporting used clothing to countries throughout Asia as well as Russia and Eastern Europe. The location of the current store is the same location as the trading showroom in 1993, albeit about 10 percent of the size of the current store.

Due to the high demand from the local market for products featured in our trading showroom, the retail store was established. Throughout the 1990's, the interest in vintage fashion grew tremendously in Hong Kong as it has in the rest of the world.

All of our products are purchased from the United States and we endeavor to make sure that through sorting and careful inspection all our products are original. This is our policy and has been since our inception in 1993.

Today, vintage fashion is being copied by world famous designers around the world both in style and in the "worn look" given new fashion. However, in deference to new fashion, vintage clothing has remained popular because no matter what product the customer selects, it is in fact "one of a kind" and represents the individuality of its owner.

Over the last 19 years, Midwest has been flattered to have serviced the requirements of international movie and recording artists as well as designers from around the world and in Hong Kong. However, the main thrust of our business remains the Hong Kong consumer and we hope you will enjoy visiting our web site.

- Sourcing
- No-Return
- Cleaning & Repair
- Fakes Knockoffs
- Payment Method

All our products are purchased from the United States through our collection facilities in Texas. We do not buy any products locally or in Asia.

All of our merchandise is laundered or dry cleaned by Yat Fu Dry Cleaning Services here in Hong Kong prior to being put on sale. We do not sell any clothing in our store that has not been professionally cleaned. In addition each of our products are carefully inspected to provide the best possible quality at time of purchase.

It has always been our standing policy to not knowingly sell fake or knockoffs goods of any kind. We inspect each of our garments to try and insure that they are original. We do not believe that it is in the interest our customers or our business to not provide you with "the real thing"!

Midwest has a "no return" policy and the reason is simple. Since each of our goods are one of a kind and we have over 10,000 pieces in the store at any given time and it is impossible to determine if a returned item has in fact been purchased from Midwest. We employ a large sales staff to assist you in your shopping and we encourage our customers to try their selections (not including some sale items) prior to making a purchase.

We accept Cash, Master and Visa credit cards and EPS as payment from our customers.

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Hours of Operation
12:00 noon to 9.00 p.m Daily
Monday thru Sunday

Midwest Co. Shop 58, G/F Victoria Centre, 15 Watson Road, Tin Hau, Hong Kong.


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