FIRST EDITION blends the authenticity of original vintage from the U.S.A. with redesigned contemporary garments to create a truly unique fashion style.

Denim Hickory Stripe Patchwork Shirt
Denim Shirt With Hickory Stripe Patchwork

Geometric Denim Hot Pants
Denim Hot Pants With Geometric Patchwork

Multi-tone Hawaiian Shirt
Cotton shirt with hawaiian pattern pocket

Denim Patchwork Shirt
Black Denim Shirt Cross With hickory stripe

Pocket tee hawaiian print
Vintage Tee with Hawaii Print Pocket

Slim cut camo pants
Official U.S. Army Slim Cut Pants

Two tone scarf tee
Vintage Tee with Vintage Scarf Patchwork

Denim Sleeve camo shirt
Official U.S. Army Shirt with Denim Sleeves Patchwork

Denim Hippie Dress
Denim Pants with Hippie Dress Patchwork

Multi Checker Shirt
Vintage Cotton Shirt Patchwork

Hooded U.S. Military Jacket
U.S. Military Physical Fitness Uniform Jacket Patchwork

Two Tone Cotton Shirt
Vintage Cotton Shirt Patchwork

Denim cap sleeve Vintage Tee
Vintage Tee with Denim Sleeves Patchwork

Hooded Hunting vest
Hunting vest with leather recoil patch

Geometric Shirt Patchwork Tee
Vintage Tee Cross With Geometric Shirt

Denim Vest
Vintage Retro Denim Vest

U.S. Army And Denim Tote Bags
U.S. Army Bag Made From Vintage Canvas Army Pants & Denim
Patchwork Bag Made From Levi 501 Jeans

Leather & Tee Shirt Tote Bags
Each Bag Designed To Accent Special Qualities Of Materials Used

Leather Wristbands
Created From Vintage Leather Belts

We continually design new and innovative fashion styles so feel free to visit us often to enjoy our latest designs. The unique qualities found in vintage garments remains paramount in the attention we give to the handcrafting of our designs. If you have any questions or comments regarding our products, please contact us at: .You are also welcome to visit our Online Store to see some of the FIRST EDITION products we are currently featuring online for sale.