Vintage History

Unlike many of the vintage fashions, styles and brands we have talked about the history of the U.S. Navy N-1 Deck Jacket has a relatively recent history.  First designed and produced during World War II, the jacket was made for U.S. Navy vessel workers. 

The authentic construction of the jacket included a thick outer layer of a material called “Jungle Cloth” with an alpaca lining for protection from the cold.  The jacket has a very fitted design and was one of the most favoured military jackets for the U.S. Armed Forces in the 1940’s. 

To help validate the authenticity of the real N-1, the label has a designation. In the designation, the “N” is for naval.  The “XS” is the designation for the bureau of supplies and accounts.  This was the bureau that oversees all contracting bureaus such as Aeronautics, Ordinance, etc.  The last designation “X” represents the bureau which authorized the account.

The true vintage jacket also features the bell shaped Talon Zipper.

Interestingly, the patina on the jacket improves greatly with age and reflects a truly vintage character in its appearance.

Due to its popular style and fit, it is perhaps one of the most copied military uniforms.   The N-1 like the Pea Coat has been recreated even today by many top fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren, Buzz Rickson, Real McCoy as well as many other American and Japanese brand names.